About yGod?

Who are we?
yGod? is the operating name for the ‘Message on the Move’ – a registered Christian charity (number 233136). We began back in 1883 taking the Christian message into the moving market-place. We are continuing to take the words of the Bible to the travelling public around the UK.

Do you have questions about the Christian faith?
We hope this site will help you find the answers. There are various links that you can follow to get the answers you need. We are not from any particular church, we are simply here to help you! We are not asking you for money – all our work, including this website, is provided through the generosity of others. There is a verse in the Bible which says ‘seek and you will find’ and we sincerely hope you will find what you are looking for through this website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do you want to know more about our work?
The charity was originally known as ‘The Tramcar and Omnibus Scripture Text Mission’ – a name that in the 1960s was changed to ‘The Scripture Text Mission’ and more recently to ‘Message on the Move’. We are members of the Evangelical Alliance. Our aim is to bring the Word of God to people on the move by using posters on public transport.