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Do you know why “God Said... ?” - it's all because he really loves you!

The Bible is full of things that God has said - but the question is not “what did he say?”, but “why did he say it?”
Many people have opinions and thoughts about what God is like and what he is not like - but a lot of these thoughts and ideas are ones we have simply made up ourselves because of something we vaguely remember hearing one day, or something somebody once told us! But we all must agree that this is not really a very reliable way to form an accurate opinion!
God could have just stayed quiet and out of the way, but he didn't because he wanted to get to know you and he wanted you to know Him and his love and care. The Bible makes it really clear that He didn't get involved in things to tell people off - but because he wanted to help you. “God said...” because he wants you to find out more about him...

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