Are you loved?

Are you loved?

Do you know what it is to be really loved?

How does someone prove that they love you?
Is love just about sex or is it something much deeper?
Do you have to earn love or can it be a gift?

The love we experience is often dependent on how we have behaved towards the person. Have we been good and kind to them? Have we given them what they wanted?
God loves you when you have done nothing to deserve it. He didn't wait for you to become good or earn his love - he came to this earth to rescue you because he loved you too much to stay away and not help!

Jesus loves you so much that he chose to suffer and die on a cross so that you could get to know him. He showed how much he loved you by paying the ultimate price so you could know the love and care of the God who made everything you see around you.

Does his love and death mean something to you?
Do you think it is important?
Does it make a difference to your aims in life?

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