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What are you searching for? Do you want things to be different?

When we are looking for answers to why life is like it is, there are many places we can look. Most places tell us we need to put lots of effort into making ourselves a nicer person and then things will be different.
They say - Follow this set of rules and ideas and you can make it all better.
The Bible explains that following plans and rules are a lot of effort and don't change us on the inside - they simply paper over the cracks!
The exciting news is that Jesus says it is easier than all that hard work and effort - he says that his way is easy and light! The Bible tells us that instead of making us do all the hard work, Jesus loved us so much that he has done it for us! All we need to do is say sorry for doing things our way and trust that His way is the best - but of course to really do that you need to find out more about it...

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