Who can you trust?


Life can be confusing sometimes - who can we trust?

People let us down, governement lets us down, banks let us down!
People and organisations who we thought we could trust fail us...
Who can we trust?

Did you know that Jesus said, "Trust in God and trust also in me..."

When Jesus said this he was speaking to people that already believed there was a God who they should trust in but he was saying, "in the same way that you trust God is there to help, you also need to trust in me". The people would have known that in saying this he was saying that God and Jesus were alike, they were the same.
But how can you trust someone you have never met? You can't, you need to get to know someone before you can trust them. The meetJ app or website enable you to meet Jesus for yourself so you can then discover if you want to follow His advice - and trust Him.
We are actually designed to know the God who made us and Jesus came to help us to find that rest and peace. To help us discover that there is a bigger picture - there is more to life than what is crowding in around us. Jesus came to this earth to rescue us from the punishment we all deserve. He came to help us find true rest - a rest that comes from knowing that everything is going to be okay in the end. We can know that we are loved by a God who is close by and wants us to get to know Him as a close friend.

When you put your trust in Jesus and believe that He loves you so much that He chose to suffer and die on a cross so that you could be forgiven and get to know Him - then no matter how bad things are all around you, you can still have hope, rest and peace!

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